Book Review: “Waking Up Catholic”, by Chad R. Torgerson

The ‘Waking Up Catholic’ Facebook page displays some interesting and thought provoking posts. Naturally I was curious when Chad Torgerson wrote a book with the same main title: “Waking Up Catholic, A Guide to Catholic Beliefs for Converts, Reverts, and Anyone Becoming Catholic”.  At an eBook price of only $4.95, I quickly downloaded a copy.

As I read through Chad’s personal account of Protestant turns Atheist turns Born-Again turns Catholic, I found myself nodding often in agreement with each of his ‘discoveries’.  Discoveries like the historical Church’s Tradition, Apostolic Succession, The mystery of the Trinity, Mary as Mother of God and Mother of His Church, the saints, The sacraments and the Catholic approach to prayer all were stepping stones along Torgerson’s journey to the truths of Roman Catholicism .

It struck me that this is a book confirmed Catholics will love reading because it leaves one saying, “Yes! Here’s a guy that got it!  Here is living proof that the misunderstandings and misinformation spread about the Church can be overcome.”  For the RCIA participant, or one wanting to lean more about the Church, you will find Chad to be an eager and confident traveling companion.

I especially enjoyed learning how Chad came to know about, and align himself with, St. Ignatius of Loyola.  It appears as though the connection was all a part of God’s plan, because the saint and convert now share something in common.  And what that is, I will not spoil for you.  You will enjoy finding out for yourself when you pick up, or download, Chad’s very enjoyable read, here.


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