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The world offers you comfort, but you were not made for comfort.  You were made for greatness.    – Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

You will notice that I reference my Catholic faith often in my writing.  That’s because I always follow the first commandment of writing: write what you know!

Apparently sticking to the rules works because I have a lot of non-Catholics that read my stuff and like it anyway.

What Will You Find?

New articles and books are published as I finish them.

My Non-Fiction focuses on how to use the eternal wisdom of scripture to improve your life, work and relationships. I will also highlight truth, beauty and goodness whenever possible.

My Fiction highlights how powerful each and every person’s story can be.

What’s coming: this blog is the hub for the articles and books I’ve written so far.  Behind the scenes, I’m working on more posts and more books, other blogs and even a podcast!  To quote bestselling author Matthew Kelly,

“So many books to write, so little life.”   Matthew Kelly

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I use an amazing photo website called Unsplash. I also take some of my own pics but prefer to use the pros whenever possible.

On Advertising and Sponsorship:

I have chosen to skip ads on JCC.  I want to only serve up the insights and encouragement you show up for, not a bunch of commercial messages that slow the download times and interrupt the flow of the articles.

My goal is to keep JCC true to its mission and uncluttered.

That said, when you choose to purchase one of my books, know you will directly impact and aid JCC online. Your support is what keeps things up and running. Thank you!

On Tithing:

JCC is and always will be a tithing entity.  Ten cents of every dollar generated goes right to church and charity.  The bigger it grows, the more good can be done!

Giving truly is the most fun you can ever have with money!

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