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Hi!  I’m JC,

  • Practicing Catholic, Full-on Family Man, Knight of Columbus, Texan, Writer.
  • From the time I was in grade school, one of the places I’ve felt most at home is at church, in front of the Tabernacle.
  • I’ve had several unmistakable “God” moments in my life, and will reveal them (see what I did there?) where appropriate, both here and on other websites I write for. For now just know that JohnCConnell.com, along with my other site, RosaryForThePersecuted.com, my books, and my podcast, The Canceled Catholic, are the fruits of some of those moments.
  • I work a day job where I experience opportunities to live my faith each day, and that brings with it plenty of writing inspiration.
  • I am a Knight of Columbus (3rd Degree) because I believe in their mission of #charity, #unity, #fraternity and #patriotism.
  • I am far from perfect and make mistakes every day. That’s why I will never call myself a “devout” Catholic or even a “good” Catholic. I will always be a “practicing” Catholic.
  • I keep a running prayer list on my iPhone. I pray for my family, friends, colleagues, coworkers, readers and even strangers that land on my radar, and add special intentions by the names all the time. And oh yeah, I say it’s kinda like the mob: once you make the list, you’re never coming off!
  • If you want to be added to the list, send me an email at JC@JohnCConnell.com.
  • I am deeply grateful for my readers and consider it my mission to arm and encourage them when I write. HOWEVER, I don’t consider my writing, my books, websites and now podcast a business or even a side-hustle. They are how I serve and help me to live “Non-Sibi” (Not For Self).
  • If you want to read one of my books, consider downloading the eBook versions. I strive to offer those at low/no charge wherever you get your eBooks. The paperbacks do cost a little, only because of printing and shipping expenses.
  • If this site looks like it could use a little updating, it’s because it is always a work in progress. Unlike many other independent writers, I won’t strive to convince you that I’m super-professional and polished. I have to prioritize my few research/writing hours each week on new material. I update this site best I can so please subscribe/follow to stay notified. Thanks!

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