About JC


Hi!  I’m John,

  • I have a wife and three daughters that I love and consider myself very lucky that they put up with me.  
  • Most of us were born Buckeyes, but we relocated to Texas and had our third child.  So now living in the south, with a native Texan in the house, I figure we are grandfathered into the whole Y’all thing.
  • We live in Houston (#HoustonStrong), where it’s easy to get hooked on all the sun and beautiful Texas mornings we get down here.  
  • Because I have a wife and three daughters, retirement is not a part of my plans.
  • I love being a full-on Dad! Apparently that’s good because my kids say I dress like one, which I also love.
  • From the time I was in grade school, one of the places I’ve felt most at home is at church, in front of the Tabernacle.
  • I’ve had several unmistakable “God” moments in my life, and will reveal them (see what I did there?) where appropriate on this blog.  For now just know that JohnCConnell.com, along with my books, are the fruits of some of those moments.
  • I work a day job where I experience opportunities to live my faith each day, and that brings with it plenty of writing inspiration.  
  • I am also a Knight of Columbus because I believe in their mission of #charity, #unity, #fraternity and #patriotism.
  • All that said, I am far from perfect and make mistakes every day.  That’s why I will never call myself a “devout” Catholic or even a “good” Catholic.  I will always be a “practicing” Catholic.
  • I struggle daily trying to avoid sugar, and attempt to combat the addiction with prayer and other vices like coffee, YouTube and my drums.  I’ve been making noise for most of my life, and my kids have been telling me to “keep it down” for most of theirs.  
  • I am deeply grateful for my readers and consider it my mission to encourage them when I write.
  • I love receiving feedback from, and learning about, my readers.  Feel free to email me at: jc@JohnCConnell.com.  Tell me something about yourself, ask a question or let me know if you need a prayer.
  • I keep a running prayer list on my iPhone.  I pray for my readers and add special intentions all the time.  And oh yeah, I say it’s kinda like the mob: once you make the list, you’re never coming off!
  • I consider the greatest compliment to be a referral. So if you like something I’ve written please share it!

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