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Peek back in time! What did the blind man see after his encounter with Jesus?

Eyewitness sample cover 4Around 33 A.D. Jesus the Christ chooses a blind beggar out of a crowd, and performs a very public, miraculous healing. We are introduced to the Man-Born-Blind from John’s Gospel, chapter nine. We see him there in the Bible, but we do not see what he saw…until now. Watch the Gospel come into focus, like never before!

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Catholics Mean Business – 30 Days to Managing Your Work Week, God’s Way!

Catholics Mean Business (CMB) is a not just a book, but a mission, following a plan to improve careers, companies and cultures, by “Nurturing the Soul at Work”!CMB Cover

Even Non-Catholics love the message of CMB

White collar, blue collar or NO collar – if you are a believer at work, or are looking for work – CMB is for you!

Regardless of industry or professional pursuit, there are 4 relationships we must all manage throughout our careers:

You & God
You & Others
You & Money
You & Work itself

HOW you approach and manage these relationships will make you invaluable, or insignificant, to those around you – and the choice yours!

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Catholics Have Courage – 40 days to Beating Stress, God’s Way! Catholics Have Courage Cover

Book #2 in the “Catholics Mean Business” series uses God’s guidance from sacred scripture to arm the reader against life’s stressors and anxieties in an easy to read, 40 day devotional format.

Stressed out? You don’t have to be! Stress is by-product of our fast paced society, but it is not allowed to rob you of your vitality. Your life is too important – you were made on-purpose.

Let the wisdom of sacred scripture help you maintain inner peace (a peace not of this world), your sense of control..and give you courage whenever you need it!

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12 Ways Your Faith Can Help You Relax…Right Now12 Ways Cover 2

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I polled my readers and they told me loud and clear that fighting stress, anxiety and overwhelm topped their list of personal struggles.

But there is indeed good news for those of us battling stress!