Welcome to the 100 yr. plan!

I mention the 100 yr. plan in my first book, Catholics Mean Business.  Since that book was published back in the summer 2009, we are now several years into the 100 yr. plan, and there is a lot of work to do in the next several decades!

The idea of the 100 yr. pan came to me one evening many years ago, while I was attending a board meeting for the parish school my kids were attending at the time.  The pastor stated to everyone in the room that we have to make decisions with the “parish of a 100 yrs from now”, in mind.

Wow, that got me thinking about my personal life, and writing.

How about your life and work?  What if you took the approach of decision making where you viewed those decisions in light of you family’s and legacy a century down the road?  Can you see how short term thinking can lead you down a completely different path?

So what’s to be done for me?  The original vision was to have Catholics Mean Business (CMB) available as a resource, in multiple formats, in every parish.  Over time that I have come to see that if something like that were to ever happen, it will be God’s doing, not mine.  My job is to just keep writing and promoting the message.

I will use future posts here to delve into the content of CMB and why that content lent itself to such a grand vision.

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