#32 What Value Do You Place on Truth?

Jesus was talking to those who chose to follow him, and he laid out what is known as the conditions of discipleship. In doing so, he asked a really powerful question:

“What profit is there for one to gain the whole world yet lose or forfeit himself?” Luke 9:25

We do not live on this earth forever. Money is only a means to an end. You are here for a reason – and it is not just to grab a bunch of cash.unsplash-dsehnmrevfa-jeremy-paige

What do you think your “reason” is? Why are you here?

You are not the product of something random. You were made on purpose. You were made for a purpose.

There is a recipe God is cooking up and your life is a part of it. In fact, you are an indispensable ingredient in that recipe. To remove you from it would permanently alter both the recipe and the result.

Do you have an idea what your reason or purpose is today? If not, have you asked God for some insight?

There is a recipe God is cooking up and your life is a part of it.

Too often, we romanticize the concept of “rugged individualism”. We pretend there are self-made men and women among us, and promote successful people in that way. We think that acquiring more stuff and doing everything our own way are the keys to success.


Some of us say one thing but do another. We know it’s better to give than receive, then we prioritize our “wants” above all else. We profess the love of neighbor outside of work, and then we enter the office and forget that all those distractions, and all those obstacles to our “wants”, are our neighbors.

Former pope, St. John Paul II once said, “there is no liberty without truth.” The truth is nobody climbs the mountain of success by themselves.

“There is no liberty without truth” – St. Pope John Paul II

This life is temporary; the next is permanent. Let that “truth” sink into your bones. How will it impact your decision making today? If you made a habit of reminding yourself of that fact, how would you treat others, handle interruptions, conduct yourself in meetings and respond to requests?

And because actions always speak louder than words, how would your actions answer the Lord’s question above?

Where we are headed in life is important, but so is where we are at today. You are here for a purpose and so is everyone else. The truth is, we are all part of the same recipe.


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