#36 Want Enduring Prosperity?

“With me are riches and honor, enduring wealth and prosperity.”   Proverbs 8:18

Unsplash prosperity brooke-lark-200721If a true friend and confidant approached you with a guaranteed means of acquiring life-long success – I bet you would give him or her your undivided attention.

It’s human nature to flock to those appearing to be successful in something we desire. If you want to invest in a business these days, you tune into Shark Tank to hear what the Sharks have to say about what makes businesses investable.

Want to look good? Log on to social media to see who’s hacked their life, and find out how they did it. Want to be a winner in sports? Check out SportsCenter to hear the latest soundbites from today’s champions.

We read biographies, listen to podcasts, watch TED talks. By nature we are restless, always searching for some missing ingredient. However, most of the sources we investigate are fleeting and don’t, won’t or can’t satisfy us indefinitely. They are trending but not, well, enduring.

By nature we are restless, always searching for some missing ingredient.

But what about Life’s Owners Manual? Re-read the above quote. I think the most intriguing word there is “enduring”.

There are many stories of people acquiring fame and fortune one day, and then declaring bankruptcy a short time later. Becoming popular or finding treasure doesn’t mean you will know what to do with it.

Conversely the author of life (and it’s Owners Manual) claims to also have the remedy for life long satisfaction.

The “me” in the verse refers to Wisdom. The older I get, the more I realize that Wisdom is not only the key to obtaining real wealth, but keeping it. And great news – this verse comes from Proverbs, a whole book of God’s wisdom on money and relationships!

Real wealth is more than money. I like to remind people that they are here for a reason, and it’s not just grab a bunch of cash. The word riches is used – riches are not just assets, but blessings of all types, especially those that cannot be quantified, like love,  opportunities, hopes and dreams.

Notice that riches are paired with honor in our verse. It is not enough to just have a lot of money. The world has seen a lot of rich, dishonorable people. Only riches with honor and respect are worthy of your labor.

Have you handled money in a way that would make God, your parents, mentors, spouse and kids proud?


If not, that’s okay. It’s never too late to learn from our mistakes. It is said that the quickest way to good judgement is to learn from bad judgement.

Your mistakes can become life lessons. Lessons learned with a humble heart lead us right to wisdom, the missing ingredient we all seek to obtain true, enduring success.

Another option is to simply ask for the guidance:

God, you gave me what I have.  Can you help me handle it?


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