#38 Who’s Watching You? (at work)

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The Sea of Galilea is actually a rather large, fresh water lake.  Many fishing villages and harbors could be found along its banks at the time of Christ.

One of the north shore villages was Capernaum.  There Jesus went to James and John’s place of business, their dock, and called them both to something more.  That same Jesus is calling you too, right where you are.

Jesus said to them, “Come after me and I will make you fishers of men.” Mark 1:17

In 2009 I put out my first book, as part of an effort to understand God’s approach to the daily grind.  Since then I have had quite a few people express to me they too have felt a call to do more, with and for God, in their daily lives.  Maybe you’ve felt it too.  I think it could be universal.

Even though the story in Mark goes on to say the brothers left their work that day to follow Jesus, at other times in the Gospels the disciples are again on the water, fishing. This tells us they did not permanently abandon their profession.

However, they did answer the Lord’s call.  They took on more responsibility.  They volunteered for other duties and new adventures.  That calling was for them to look beyond themselves, to see bigger issues and to recognize the significance of their actions and the importance of others.

That same call can be heard today, if we just choose to stop and listen.  We do not have to quit our jobs and enter the seminary or convent.  On the contrary, God wants most of us to remain at our posts, to illuminate our corporations with our actions, to cast a net within our area of influence and continue the fishermen’s vital work.

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How can you influence others at work?  Are you capitalizing on those opportunities?

Are you embracing virtue, or is that left to other people?  Are you aware of how your words, attitudes and actions impact those around you?  For unknown reasons, God chooses to work with and through us.

Each one of us can become more visible in our work – and I’m not referring to how we are viewed by management.  I mean making ourselves known as caring, considerate coworkers.  That is easily accomplished one person at a time, as situations arise.  And you’ll never know who takes note or who will sing your praises for doing so.

For unknown reasons, God chooses to work with and through us.

Back then the fisherman didn’t target specific fish in the water.  He would cast away and wait in anticipation of the catch.  Likewise today, we don’t know how, where or why we’ll reach people – but God does.  He just needs us to agree to take on more than our own self-interests, so those connections can be positive and fruitful.


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2 responses to “#38 Who’s Watching You? (at work)”

  1. Good read and writing John. I enjoy them. I have to watch my attitude at work sometimes. Thanks for the reminder.

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