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  • #49 How to Remove Duplicity From Your Life.

    #49 How to Remove Duplicity From Your Life.

    Today the Church celebrated St. Bartholomew, referred to as Nathanael when first introduced to Jesus. He was given an amazing compliment by the Lord when told he had “no duplicity in him”.

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  • #46 This is Truly Inspiring – Taste and See!

    #46 This is Truly Inspiring – Taste and See!

    When Alan Naiman passed away he left a fortune to several children’s charities. Some of them were small, and received their single largest donation ever. A wonderful story, but beyond the sweet shock of his financial generosity, there are a few lessons here for us all!

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  • #40  How Do You Handle NO (at Work)?

    #40 How Do You Handle NO (at Work)?

    We all think everyone should see things the way we see them, don’t we? Think of your important “career causes” like the apostles approached their mission. Expect the uphill climb.  Plan for it, and do not take offense when you experience it.

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  • #33 Who is your Source of Wisdom?

    #33 Who is your Source of Wisdom?

    “The just man’s lips nourish many, but fools die for want of sense.” Proverbs 10:21 Who do you go to for guidance when you need direction? When you have something really bothering you, when you find yourself in a situation and don’t know what your next move should be, who comes to mind first? Picture…

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  • #27 About That F Word…(forgiveness)

    #27 About That F Word…(forgiveness)

    I am very grateful for Bishop Robert Barron. In one of his YouTube videos, he gave the best definition of love I have ever heard. I have found this very useful, especially when working with difficult people. He says Love is “willing the good of the other. It’s an act of the will, not an…

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  • #22 The Golden Rule in Your Workplace

    The Golden Rule. We can all repeat it to others, and we are quick to point out when it is not used, but how much conscious effort do we spend trying to apply it on the job? “Do to others whatever you would have them do to you. This is the law and the prophets.”…

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