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  • #31 How Can A Book (and this blog) Help Me Mind My Business?

    #31 How Can A Book (and this blog) Help Me Mind My Business?

    Your business. Think about your current job, your most recent paycheck. Is it really yours? You work hard enough for it. You pay the taxes. You incur all the costs of your life. You shoulder the responsibilities. But is it really yours? It is written in the Bible that everything belongs to God, and that…

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  • #26 What Should Faith Matter in Business?

    #26 What Should Faith Matter in Business?

    “What does it matter what religion you are?”, he asked as he rifled through our second basket of tortilla chips.  “I mean, with all due respect, so what?”  That’s what a friend of mine once asked, as we were discussing the publishing of my first book, Catholics Mean Business: 30 Days to Managing Your Work…

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  • #12 Finding Hope Now…on your small screen & in your heart!

    Finding Hope Now (FHN) is a new DVD available online, in Christian book stores everywhere and even Walmart in select markets.   It stars Michael Badalucco and Avan Jogia.  Released in 2010 to critical acclaim at film festivals, the tense and emotional independant drama finally landed the distribution deal it’s producers had been searching for. [Note:…

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